Blanc Miracle

The unpredictable weather for the past months has discouraged my skin to use any foundations. Other than my magazine photo shoots, I haven’t really been using foundation for a while. It frustrates my skin when it’s too thick and eventually starts blocking my pores for more breakouts. The breakouts will lead to scars that create dark spots and I will end up spending a fortune of whitening products. In fact, my skin complex still looks a bit dull after applying tinted moisturizers. To look fresh and effortless chic same time, you also need to let you skin love the foundation too.

That leads us to only think and act smart for your skin, I seek for products that not only protect but also improve it. The miracle combination of SPF50 PA ++ protection and whitening function a perfect match. That’s why I am trying out the new Lancôme Blanc Miracle Bright Foundation and Maqui Blanc Miracle Compact.

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Lancôme Blanc Miracle Bright Foundation’s lightweight feeling is my favorite part from this product. It’s comfortable foundation gives me the right amount of coverage without feeling too heavy. I would say the coverage level is from medium to high coverage that brightens your skin complex. There are some lightweight products that are lightweight without much coverage. For me, I end up covering more with concealer and gradually apply a thicker layer onto skin. Ideally I would like to skip concealer to minimize any weight on my face and create a “ fit” and “fine” texture.

Other than Lancôme Blanc Miracle Bright Foundation coverage and texture, its function adds a few more points to this product. With SPF 50 PA++, Aura Brightening Radiance, Mirco Fillers, Pollusafe and Ultra Fit Technology; I can ensure my skin is well treated and protected.

Maqui Blanc Miracle Compact finishes off your translucent skin with a natural healthy looking glow. There are three enhancing pigments ( Optic blue, pink and purple) that helps your skin complex adjust to it’s neutral tones. The compact with 2-way sponge is a good tool for any quick touch up to freshen before any events.


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Before applying foundation, prep your face with Lancôme La Base Pro to minimize signs of tired and imperfection. Don’t worry; it’s very lightweight with a smooth texture. Then pump a right amount of Lancôme Blanc Miracle Bright Foundation onto your hands. The foundation is rather runny and very liquid like; I find it thin enough to spread it onto face with fingertips. I simply use one finger and dot my face and spread it out evenly with a gentle motion. For final touch up, the Maqui Blanc Miracle Compact helps me hold my foundation in a feather like weight. This natural yet brightening foundation is a nice makeup for my style photo shoots under daylight. The concept of effortless chic applies to my make up too. The less you cover the more inner radiates confidence. It allows me to look radiant without looking too cakey against various outfits. The best part is the high SPF protection and whitening function, so I know my skin is loving the foundation.