blending in with Busan

The Haeundae beach in Busan (2nd largest city after Seoul) reminded me of my old times at English Bay + Granville Island back when I was in Vancouver. I loved the spacious roads with minimal people, compared to Hong Kong… it’s rare to find a street like that. You will be able to find local to western restaurants along the streets. When the weather gets a bit warmer, the area eventually will be crowded, so I guess it was a good timing for me to be there for zone out moment. In a way, I just wanted to blend in with the sand with my kookai suit and enjoy this moment. It’s almost like camouflage yourself in “DND” mood to refresh your mind. A Kangol stylish hat will never hurt when you want to create your own little frame to think.

Styling tips for suit look for beach: Wear a light/ neutral colors to look relax and casual. You can wear sandals or sneakers, but I would avoid heels. A hat is a great statement to let others know you are on vacation to an exciting voyage.
busan_1_kookai busan_2_kookaibusan_4_kookai busan_3_kookaibag by herveguyel / suit by kookai // shoes by converse// hat by Kangol // top by bershka