one step closer

Have you ever wished for something that others are doing and hope one day you can do something similar too. I still remembered a half a year ago, I noticed Kookai’s collaboration with Kelly Fu and Mayao. It was an interesting collaboration between Kookai’s and the 2 talents. During that time I reminded myself to work harder and one day I hope something similar will happen to me too! Who would of thought I would be invited for Kookai’s next collaboration? This time, the collaboration was about one’s dreams and how far you would go to achieve. How far would I go for my dreams? A humble, hard working and learning attitude is my way to fight for my dreams. Sometimes it’s better to think yourself as small character instead of projecting yourself as the center of attention. When it’s the right time, your own talent and character will bloom itself instead of forcing others to notice you. As long as you are working hard, others will notice your effort and keep it in mind. Also, never let others put down or take away your dreams. If someone does doubts your ability, don’t fight back instantly.. instead treat those negative energies as your armor to become a stronger person. Lastly, always count your blessings around you instead of being greedy to want more and more !

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