Self- Express with Tiffany’s Atlas Collection

Exploring polished Roman numerals with a chic sophistication. The classic symbols can be mixed and matched with various styling. It’s pretty obvious we can wear jewelry by itself with a simple top and skinny jeans. But I would encourage you to self-express and explore the art of pairing Roman numerals against stylish cuts, fun prints and light textures. The classic simplicity design of Tiffany’s Atlas Collection allows you to wear it from day to night and weekdays to weekends. For the past few weeks, I found myself experimenting and willing to try something new. Classic doesn’t mean repeating the past; I would proudly say it’s an essence to strengthen your unique style and character.


tiffany5 tiffany6

Blue and White Chemistry

Styling Tips: Blue and White goes really well together, it’s probably my favorite combination during all four season. If you add gold or rose gold to this look, the outcome will lead to more of a vintage feel. Instead, I used silver as a highlight along with a pair of edgy boots for a modern approach.

tiffany1 tiffany2


Nature Harmony

Styling Tips: Embrace nature by using fun prints and textures to blend gold, rose gold and silver Atlas pendants. The round pendants against the imaginary clouds soften the jewelries. For a more relaxed vibe, pair it up with metallic sandals and you are ready to travel off to somewhere dreamy.

tiffany7 tiffany10 tiffany8 tiffany9

Little Black Sheer

Styling Tips: The famous “Breakfast a Tiffany’s” little black dress is probably what everyone will go for. Well, why not give things a twist and try on a sheer romper? The sheers brings out a sexy yet elegant touch with the long necklace and bangles. Try stacking a bold piece with delicate ones for a contrast effect. A pair of delicate heels and colored lips will bring you to the spotlight.