Feel Rose Fresh

Freshen up your skin complex with delicate rose petals that can eliminate unwanted dullness from air pollution, skin dehydration and irritations. Roses are my favorite kind of flowers to look at, to receive, to buy , to smell and now it’s also my pick for skincare during summer. I have always been a fan of rose water spray , since it helps refresh and moisturize my face in the middle of the day. To extend my love for roses, I am trying out Fresh’s Rose line. Before using any new products, I like to do a bit of research on my own to have a better understanding in the ingredients that will be put onto my face. The 7 Beauty benefits are antibacterial ( helps treat acne), anti-inflammatory (reduce and calm redness of skin) , antioxidants ( high vitamin C to protect skin cells), moisturizing (sugars in its petal helps lock moisture), naturally fragrant ( the smell is very soothing and pleasant), relaxing( detoxify and calm) and toning (tighten pores and restore).

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After understanding all the benefits of rose petal, I am far more excited to try it myself. In a daily routine, I start off with Rose cleansing foam, which is soap free formula. Its gentle Rosewater Cleansing Foam helps dissolve dirt without stripping, that’s why your skin still feels moisturized afterwards. The foam maker creates the right amount of foam ( my suggestion is 2-3 pumps)to apply onto face. Especially during summertime, the Rose Hydrating Face Serum provides a lightweight serum that avoids pores being blocked with over rich products. The hibiscus flower acids in this serum can boost skin radiance and youthful complexion. My habit of applying serums is to wait for 1-2­ minutes to let the serum absorb into my pores before applying moisturizer. The Rose Hydrating Gel Cream is suitable for all skin types; it protects skin from pollutions and provides 24 hours of hydration. Other than Roses, I learnt cucumber extract helps to calm and cool the skin, which is found in Fresh products. Lastly, don’t forget to put finish up your skincare routine with Hydrating Eye Gel Cream. It’s gel like texture is very smooth; I like to use my ring finger and gently tap around eye area for application. After all the steps, your skin will feel refreshed, hydrated with a radiance complex.

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2-3 pumps of Rose Cleansing Foam.

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The lightweight texture of Rose Hydrating Face Serum is great for summer time. Remember to wait 1-2 minutes to let skin absorb before applying Hydrating Gel Cream.

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Rose Hydrating Gel Cream after serum

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Apply Hydrating Eye Gel Cream for last step and skin feels hydrated, radiant and fresh.

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On weekends, pamper yourself with Rose Face Mask over a cup of Lavender Soya latte and your movie or series. This mask is a supremely luxurious, super- hydrating treatment. The silky gel along with real rose petal helps nourish and tone skin. You may feel a bit tingly, irritation or redness in the beginning, but no to worry; it’s working the magic. Sit back and relax!