inspiration- modern romantic

Romantic is all around soft details that creates sophisticated movements along with your body. This style portrays a more mature and dependable feeling which can be good or bad way. If I were to suggest a good romantic outfit, it should have a combination of clean cuts against the essences of romantic element. Ruffle skirt , A-line skirt and dresses, floral print clothes, ruffle, lace and crocheted tops. A tasteful choice of color palette is as important as the combination of outfit. For this season, I would suggest white against pastel, nude or monotones for a modern approach. Don’t be afraid to add an edgy touch to the elegant softness.


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Vogue China May 2014| Photographer: Sharif Hamza| Stylist: Daniela Paudice| Hair: Esther Langham| Makeup: Maki Ryoke| Model: Fei Fei Sunsource: