blogatorial: delicate blues

When delicate meets local cha chaan teng, you will start to rethink what’s the story behind these photos. I personally love the homey taste of cha chaa teng’s toast and milk tea. During my photo shoot, the photographer and I suddenly stopped by a cha chaa teng around star street. While we were waiting for our food, I hopped by the refrigerator for a bottle of water until the photographer stopped me to strike a pose for a picture. The lighting against the setting was quite interesting, especially the delicate floral and embellishments that I was wearing. The styling with denim jacket and silver metallic flats balanced out the elegant embroidery floral of my twin set.

Styling Tips to casual up an embroidery twin set: Add a laid back fit jacket such as leather biker, denim jacket, utility vest or bomber jacket. By wearing ankle boots or flats, it will be less uptight. My personal tip is to wear metallics for an edgy yet sweet approach instead of safe colors.
Veronica_4A_1Veronica_4B Veronica_P4 copyjacket by Miu Miu| shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo| twin set by Max & Co | photography by Maurice Choi