self reflection

Rise and shine for July 1st! It’s a new month to give yourself an excuse to start fresh, for me there will be no excuse anymore. Determination today leads to success tomorrow. This will constantly be repeating in my mind from now and I want to invite you all to witness it with me. But firstly, a self reflection is mandatory! Why? Self reflection helps you understand and identify past events that have occurred in life to help your personal growth. If you are a person that can point out past mistakes and learn from it, then you are off to a good start. This theory applies to personal style too, try to revisit your previous outfits and wardrobe to see what can be adjusted.

Start by this : Gather up your previous outfit photos and invite a friend or 2 to share some of their comments. Start with a vision board or mood board at home to slowly develop your personal style. Keep in mind your style will change throughout time by many reasons such as professions, age or lifestyle.

Veronica_2A Veronica_2B_1 Veronica_2C_1 self_reflect

photography by Maurice Choi