a royal taste

While I was getting ready for work this morning, I didn’t rush myself into replying emails or over stressed about what had to be done. Applying wisdom to work is very important and I am learning it day by day to not let the anxiety overtake it. It’s good to worry at times because it shows you are caring and responsible. To kick off my royal taste morning with combination of Royal Style, lovely fresh flowers from my mom and a cup of Nespresso. Royal Style shares a history of Aristocratic Fashion Icons that will inspire you to explore decades of Royal fashion history. Some of my favorite style icons such as Marie Antoniette, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana and many more. Along with my morning reading, I made myself a mini cappuccino with the new Inissia.

Styling Tips: Try to make yourself a similar setting like mine for 1-2 times a week to take your anxiety off. I believe that a cup of good quality coffee or any kind of drink that you fancy, a book (any of your interests) and flower can take your mind off stress. You can also instagram it to inspire others to do the same too!

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