all-white base

A boxy loose shirt with embellished skirt is my pick for an all-white base look. Here is just one of my open ended all – white formulas to lighten up your wardrobe. While black has always been my favorite color to go to , since it gives the vision of a slimmer figure. As I start to discover how black creates dark shadows without reflecting light to your face, it can add a little age to your face too. Have you noticed how Audrey Hepburn pulled off the little black dress with a handful of white pearls to reflect light to her face without looking old? It’s a little styling effect I noticed and explains why it had such an iconic effect.

Styling Tips to avoid dark shadows with black: I would suggest to wear black from your waist down to flatter waistline, hip and legs. In that way, you can play with colorful tops. If you are eager to wear black tops, look for low necklines instead of polo shirts, scarfs or turtlenecks.

whiteoutfit_140706_0077 whiteoutfit_140706_0147 copy whiteout_1top and skirt by zara| bag by Danielle Nicole Handbags| pearls by topshop