poolside weekend

No one should stay home this weekend, there is no excuse of not going out to enjoy mother nature. I am creating my own little coastal sweet escape to take my mind off work. This escape takes around one hour, although it’s my first time exploring this place, but I have a great feeling it will be a fabulous weekend. These are the hint I will give out now, since I don’t want to spoil it yet… Let me experience it first ! Follow my instagram to guess whereabouts I am this weekend! Have a great weekend everyone:)

Styling Tips for packing for Poolside: I packed a few light flow skirts and cropped top for this weekend. Also wear sandals ( no flip flop please!) for poolside style, I personally love flat metallic sandals, it goes well with anything by the poolside. More to share in my next post!
poolside2poolside1 poolside3 poolside4