sift away

You sift away what’s no necessary to let the best remain, this is how you build up your style. If you are not a bikini or swimsuit person for the beach, why now experiment sportswear with silk skirt. While you are at the beach, you want to wear something that is comfortable to move around. By pairing up a white sportswear top with lightweight pleaded skirt, this dual is my fuss free beach outfit. You are able to twirl around looking and feeling fresh with white and stripes. Style your look with a pair of sunnies to give it a personal touch.

Styling Tips for sportswear + silk skirt= Always wear light colors for the beach, I would suggest neutrals or pastel colors. As for proportion, stick with one solid with one pattern. You may pick floral, digital prints, geometric or various pattern, but make sure it’s a material that is light and will flow. I won’t suggest maxi dress, a knee length will be nice.
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