let it speak itself

To make a statement that draws attention to your outfit without saying a word is not as hard as you think. The key is to find a piece that draws attention and interest others to take a second closer look. First of all, think of how you can stand out from the crowd with color, patterns or volume when selecting your statement piece. Currently, I am trying out various color floral prints for fresh highlights to my wardrobe. Then you want to look for details and cuts that will speak for itself when you just stand around. What I mean, is to look for ruffles, cutouts or interesting shapes. Noticed my floral top is somewhat has it’s own voice while I am standing still?

Styling Tips to find a statement piece: A peplum cut can always make an outfit more interesting, since it adds different volume and dimension in every angle. If you want a unisex approach, look for laser cut outs. Try simple prints against solid colors to give it a pop from your total look.
VNIKALI_DB-11 copy VNIKALI_DB-13 copy VNIKALI_DB-14 copy VNIKALI_DB-16 copyhair by Tim Chong @ Marek Art of Hair | top by aoso| dress by theory| photography by Tiffany Kwan