seaside town

A sweet seaside getaway at Whistable surprised me with rows of pretty beach huts. I couldn’t resist to shoot against the fresh color of each hut. My favorite color, of course, shades of blue that enhanced my Vintage Floral Midi Bardot Dress that I was wearing. Cheerful faces greeted me along the sidewalks, which made the place more loveable. The spacious area brought me out of the hectic crowd to inhale inspirations throughout my trip.

Styling Tips for Vintage Floral Dress: Keep the shoes simple and modern for a good balance. You don’t want to go way back in time and look outdated. A pair of white strap heels is my personal pick to complete this elegant look. Accessories should be minimal, let the floral print speak for itself. If you are really looking for a personal touch, sunglasses can do the trick!

bluehouse1 bluehouse2 bluehouse3 bluehouse4 bluehouse5 bluehouse6sunglasses by Louis Vuitton | dress by | heels by ZARA | location: Whitstable beach side