walton place

Just right behind Harrod’s, I discovered Walton Place to be one of the neighborhoods I fancy to live in. The white elegant exterior and fine black fencing terraced house are very tasteful. A warm welcome from at the little gateway to enter into the front door along with a lovely balcony to plant colorful flowers. The best part is, I could be surrounded by inspirations from nearby museums, restaurants and shops. Taking a few snaps in this neighborhood with my outfit already makes the total image posh and elegant.

Styling Tips for Scuba material skirts: Think of something light and simple for your upper half. The scuba material adds volume and weight to your lower half, that’s why you want to avoid a clumsy look. A pair of reflective sunglasses can add a bit of edge to your overall vibe.

stripe_1bluestipe3 bluestripe2 bluestripe4 bluestripe5

necklace by OMEGA| sunglasses by Rayban | skirt by ASOS.com | heels by ZARA | location: Walton Place