run with me at Versailles

The grand perspective at Gardens of Versailles blew my mind away. Previous visits, I focused on the Palaces interiors, but this time I was enjoying a few hidden places. Inspired by a Campaign, I was out to seek and explore the romantic scenes. My love and I, both boat paddled our way towards the other end of the Grand Canal, gradually we felt peace in mind with te wonderful surroundings.That moment felt very cinematic and surreal. The high rise trees made me feel so tiny, but it didn’t stop me from this adventure. Walking in an elegant Sunflower Bardot dress and Monceau BB made me feel like a princess back in the days.

Styling Tips: Pick a statement floral dress to match the breathtaking scenery. I would encourage you to look for various necklines ( my favorite is bardot) and floral prints (keep it simple) that is suitable for your personal style. Avoid dark tones if you want to look fresh and youthful. Go minimal with accessories and don’t forget to complete your look with a mini purse.

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dress by| necklace by kate spade | bag by Louis Vuitton | Sunglasses by Louis Vuitton | shoes by ZARA