some kind of mood board for Phuket

Started to pack for my next trip to Phuket! While I was pulling out what to bring along for this trip, it started to come a mood board. At first it was just an instagram picture, then it lead to a mini product styling shoot. There is a point to this post, because I would like to share some of my preparation tips before heading off to Phuket.

What to do before and bring along ? Please note these are just a few items:)

  1. You must must must shave/wax/pluck any unnecessary hair! Recently I have been using Philips Lumea hair removal system at home to prevent regrowth hair. Super easy and saves you a fortune to go to beauty salons.
  2. A pair of chic jelly footwear, I picked melissa x jason wu’s sandals. I still remember the last time I was a Phuket for my cousin’s wedding, my canvas sneakers got soaking wet from random rain showers.
  3. Body scrubs at hotel bath tub is my guilty pleasure when travelling alone. I enjoy reading a book with no one around. Instead of body lotions, Sabon’s body scrub contains oil that moisturizes skin naturally.
  4. Your favorite accessories, skin care products and swimwear.

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