artistic movements

Beautiful movements brings artistic forms and free spirit to your overall mood. I styled myself with Emilio Pucci’s luxury prints against Nata beach, Phuket, for an exotic experience. Light chiffon flows with the wind, creating dramatic movements. Walking along the beach, relaxing sounds of waves gently approaching to my footsteps reminded me to keep calm and leave anxiety behind. At this very moment, I am letting go of negative emotions and clearing my mind.

Styling Tips for print gown for beach : Seek for gowns with a hint of gold, it can add a Goddess touch to your overall look. Flat sandals make you look less clumsy and casual. You don’t want to overdress and feel uncomfortable while walking on the sand.
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Gown by Emilio Pucci | sandals by UGG | belt by Theory

Location: Aleenta Phuket in front of The EDGE