Ayurah Wellness

Being aware of your choices that you make is really important to a healthy and fulfilling life. At any stage of life, there will be ups and downs for sure. My little secret to overcome various obstacles is how you train you mind to deal with it. There are times you will feel an emptiness inside you, this negative emptiness will effect on your behavior. I believe a moment of just being by yourself can refresh your mind and spirit. It would be my honor to share some of my living style experiences that can inspire to enhance wellness in your own life.

To me, wellness is another level of beauty that needs to be treated like a plant. It needs time, patients, care and explore methods to feel good inside out. Don’t let yourself be a Christmas Tree, it’s the mind that brings true character and style.

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Hat by Leontinevintage | dress by Louis Vuitton| shoes by Louis Vuitton

Location: Ayurah Wellness Centre Phuket