the XXL charm of coats

Coats are the trend for autumn and winter, it brings a new dimension to a whole look. We tend to look for solid shapes, functional wear, powerful lengths and textures, but this year let’s add in the XXL charm. Instead of wearing it like how it should be worn, let me share with you how to add dimension and character to Coach FW14 coats.

Short Hemlines

  • Styling Tips: Balance out your oversized jacket by pairing it with short skirts or mini skirts. This will help you add volume to your upper proportion without looking clumsy. Push up sleeves to create an effortless styling.

coach1 coach3coach6

Make it “the” statement piece

  • Styling Tips: If you find coat simply stylish itself, then just work around it to make “the” statement piece. I love matching white against dark neutrals. A pop of red lips and hat is my dual to add character to this total look.


Fold it, Cape it

  • Styling Tips: Another fun way to wear an oversized coat is to cape it. By folding it halfway, you are able to create a cape. The trick is to crisscross the sleeves in front for a symmetrical illusion.


wardrobe by Coach FW14 Collection by Stuart Ververs | photography by L.Cheung