how to style: white suit with confident lips

I find wearing tailored suits with bold lips are an alternative way to bring out your sexy yet confident side of you. It’s a confident that projects your taste towards what you desire in life. In this “how to style” post, I will share with you how to look modern, fresh and confident with the combination of white suit and colored lips. A white subtle striped suit is the perfect base to bring out the lip color without looking overage. As a matter of fact, I discovered light color suits can brighten up your overall complex in the result of a fresh modern look.

howtostyle_suitvest copy

Look 1: Let’s talk sexy with a bling

A semi dark red lip is the perfect shade to look sexy over a blazer on your shoulder. You won’t be over the top loud, but there is a great balance to show off your confidence.

howtostyle_suit3 copy

  • Styling Tips: Add a bit of bling on neckline to give your look a glamourous boost against the dark navy shirt. In this styling , I would suggest hair down for a sexy feel. Keeping your blazer over the shoulders will be less formal and helps add a modern touch. As for your makeup, I combined the lipstick with a hint of lip glass in the center of my lips for a fuller effect.howtostyle_suit4


Look 2: Tie an ascot with my lips

While ascot is scarf-like cloth wrapped around necks for extra style and warmth for men, why not try it on a lady with sharp colored lips? It will give a strong image to your overall appearance. howtostyle_suit2 copy

  • Styling Tips: Instead of a blazer for this look, try combining vest with scarf to achieve a clean posh look. How to pick a suitable scarf? I would suggest simple patterns with similar color tones that matches your lip color or outfit. Lastly, a sleek pony tail can enhance your overall confidence. howtostyle_suit5howtostyle_suit7

Look 1 | suit by kookai | shirt and necklace by H&M | lips by MAC ( just a bite A53 and talk sexy A44)

Look 2| scarf by marni x H&M| lips by Gucci Beauty( iconic red 390)