how to style: colorful hats

Apart from total looks, let’s explore how we can style up accessories to bring out your own personality. In this week’s ” how to style”, I will show you how to create 3 different looks within 9 mins! I am not joking, it took me only 3 mins to change one style to another. All you need is these simple styling tips to achieve my looks below. Colorful hats not only lighten your overall, it also brings a youthful and playful factor. By changing up your hairstyle, you can really enhance the character of your hat and look stylish!


Look 1: The classic cinematic

If you are seeking for a cinematic chic way to wear colorful hats, this style will be perfect to look classy yet youthful. By combining colors with pearls, this is a new way to style up a colorful hat. You will feel like one of the characters in the 70’s, but a slightly modern version of it.


Styling Tips

  • Look for colorful hats with a contrasting ribbon in the center
  • Simply tie up your hair and leave a small strand of hair to curl
  • The key this is the create the perfect curl! Pick your best side for earrings to show and not so good side of the strand of hair

howtostyle_hat5Look 2: Playful bow

This look was inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s iconic hat and his playful character. A side loose braid with a chiffon bow at the end balances out the structured brim. A bright smile and fun humor is the best styling for this look!


Styling Tips:

  • Wear your hat slightly tilted to the opposite side of your braid
  • Use a ribbon that is similar to your hair color, this will blend it with your hair color
  • Remember to loosen up your hair on the sides to avoid looking bald


Look 2: Vintage Femininty

A red hat means confidence and please look at me ! With a red lip, it’s double the confidence and femininity to your style.


Styling Tips:

  • Add a gold vintage necklace to you this look for a vintage vibe
  • Let your hair down with hints of curls for a romantic feel
  • Pick a lip color that is almost the same shade as your red hat
  • Stay away from super orange bright or shocking red