how to style: pink checker sweater

When you style with pink sweaters, it’s first impression is cute, fluffy and girly. Let’s rethink pink and style it up to a grown up way that can work in your daily outfits. This week on ” how to style” I will share with you 2 looks that can be worn on a daily base. Instead of going for solid pink, this time I picked a sweater that contrasts black checkers for a bold statement approach. The easy way to pull off this sweater is pairing it up with skinny pants and boots or simple skirt and ankle boots. How about we play around with patterns and textures to spice up a pink sweater?

Look 1: Contrast with classic tartan

When the two patterns collide, it’s either a hit or a miss! Classic tartan may look a bit too conservative or uniform look, but if you match it with a pink sweater, it gives a hint of sweetness to the overall look. The square patterns somewhat correspond to one another while the yellow gives a highlight to your lower proportion. This outfit will take your mind off the gloomy weather!


Styling Tips:

  • Look for a pair of slim ( not super tight ones) trousers that can elongate your legs
  • Wear a pair of point heels that can hide under your trousers ( this will make your legs look longer)
  • Leave accessories to minimal, I say a colored lip with a cool bag will do the trick
  • As for bags, find something that is fun and small you complete your outfit! ( In this look I picked a silver bucket bag)

howtostyle_pinksweater6 howtostyle_pinksweater7

Look 2: Simplfy Elegant Fun

A white shirt dress can not only bring out the elegant side of this pink sweater, it can also lighten up the bold checkers. The chiffon texture of the shirt dress, brings an easy flow while you are walking in this outfit. Personalize this look with one of a kind necklace to add a hint of humor with such elegant vibe.

howtostyle_pinksweater2Styling Tips:

  • The important styling point for this look is popping out your shirt collar and rest necklace under collar
  • Roll up your sleeves with shirt to look less clumsy
  • Lastly, pair up with a pair of point black heels ( a hint of gold details will make your look appear luxury)

howtostyle_pinksweater4howtostyle_pinksweater5look 1: sweater by Sandro | trousers by tommy hilfiger | lipstick by NARS | bucket bag by kate spade

look 2: sweater by Sandro | shirt dress by theory| necklace by H&M | heels by sergio rossi