how to style: CULOTTES

While I was picking out some outfits for my recent interview shooting, I realized I have been pulling out lots of culottes to go with my styling. What I love about culottes, it looks like a full skirt, but actually its like a pair super wide trouser. Don’t be afraid to try it if you are a petite frame like me. It all comes to little tips and tricks to pull of culottes. Are you all planning your party outfits? This week on ” how to style”, let’s explore how we can style up culottes for parties or wear it down to another way casual look.

howtostyle_tibiskirt_1Look 1 : Cocktail Glam

Apart from cocktail dresses this season, why not mix and match your own combination for unique cocktail glam. A pair of silk culottes with a beaded cropped top, accessorized with a cocktail hat is the perfect coordination for any special occasion. This is a look I would love to see more in the Hong Kong scene, it’s elegant with modern touch!


Styling Tips:

  • Look for a cropped top with sleeves to balance out your upper body proportion
  • I would suggest a top with some sort of beaded details for a glamour touch
  • Seek for a cocktail hat that is not over the top but can do well with your overall look with a personality factor
  • Important to wear nude heels to extend your legs, this is great for petite size girls
  • Lastly, a sweet smile makes everything in harmony

howtostyle_tibi1 howtostyle_tibi4Look 2: Mint Highlights

To lighten up black and navy, we can add bits of mint and neons to freshen up the dark palette. It’s all about radiating positive vibes to inspire others around you. A pair of right flats and purse makes a huge difference in terms of mood and feel. In this look, I want to create a fresh and casual look that and lighten up my day!

howtostyle_tibi5 Styling Tips:

  • Pop up your crisp collar shirt on top of your denim jacket for a layering effect
  • Look for a detailed clutch that can match your shoes, I went for the mint color in this look
  • Pointy flats is my to go shoes for a clean modern approach

howtostyle_tibi2 howtostyle_tibi6look 1: culottes by tibi @ Harvey Nichols | top by tibi @ Harvey Nichols | cocktail hat by Selima @ Harvey Nichols |heels by ZARA | watch by OMEGA

look 2: shirt by ZARA | jacket by 2%| clutch by Moyna @ Harvey Nichols| flats by Roger Vivier