Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin

Happy New Year everyone!!! If you have been following my instagram , I was off to somewhere extremely cold for Christmas holidays. Harbin, a city in China, that is somewhat Russian and European influence. That’s why a few of you asked if I went to Russia or if Harbin was in Russia. The Saint Sohpia Cathedral was my first stop. In this madness low temperature of -21, it’s not easy to look decent and be warm at the same time. In this series of Harbin Travel Style post, you will be noticing lots of stylish down jackets styled with a pair of warm functional boots. Moncler designs def made my outfits look flattering after layers and layers underneath. In Harbin, you are basically walking in icy grounds everywhere.

Styling Tips: Three warm accessories you cannot leave out the door in Harbin are earmuffs , gloves and scarves to cover up your face when you are at outdoors. Say bye bye to anything that looks stylish but doesn’t keep you warm. I am not joking here, the cold is unbearable. That’s why I suggest bringing lots of winter accessories to style up your look with down jackets. Stay tuned to see what are my next accessories~

habrin_church1 harbin_church2 harbin_church3 harbin_church4 harbin_church5 harbin_church6harbin_church8 harbin_church7

Grenoble Jacket by Moncler | tweed shorts by ZARA| earmuffs by asos | gloves by Ted Baker | reflective wayfarer by ray ban|fur scarf by theory | elsa boots by UGG

on him: jacket by Aigle | jeans and backpack by Chevignon| polson boots by UGG