in the snow world of yabuli

Yabuli (Ski Resort), is a 3 hour drive up the mountains from Harbin city. The beauty of this place isolated my mind to just enjoy the present with no stress. All I wanted to do was to blend in with the powdery white landscape. Crystal like snowflakes sifting down from the marshmallow sky onto the soft powdery grounds. There was nothing to worry about, everything seemed calm and relaxed. In this wintery wonderland, Icelandic style would be perfect against pure white and tree silhouettes. That calls for Nordic patterns, fury Russian hats and additional faux fur cuffs for my boots.

Styling Tips: It’s important to pick simple yet modern Nordic patterns to avoid outdated sweaters. I would suggest monotones with thick knits. By adding faux fur cuff to your boots, it changes in the overall look with a Winter touch. Add in pops of color to stand out from the snow. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from snow reflective lights.

harbin_yabuli7_harbin_yabuli3 harbin_yabuli5_1 harbin_yabuli1harbin_yabuli6_1Grenoble Jacket by Moncler| patterned skirt by Claudie Pierlot | knitwear top by Moncler | faux fur hat and cuff by asos| sunglasses by quay eyewear| elsa boots by UGG