the power of CHANCE

As Coco Mademoiselle deeply believed “Chance is my soul”, I too share the same belief to dare and take ” Chances ” in order to reach for whatever we desire in the heart. In this mindset, you are already off to a positive start in your life. Chances to me are opportunities to step into something unexpected yet exciting. The moment you take a Chance, you should treat whatever you experience is a learning process. It’s that small step you dare to take which can lead you to places you have never imagined. Don’t let restricted thoughts constrain your inner soul, let Coco Mademoiselle’s wild energy of CHANCE inspire you to think bigger and do better! Treat your CHANCE as no ordinary fragrance, but let this scent motivate you to step into the desire . The fresh, vibrant scent of pink pepper, jasmine and white musk along with unexpected florals creates young and spirited CHANCE.

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pirate nail polish by CHANEL | arrow ring by carat| CHANCE by Chanel