set the mood at Volga Manor

Volga Manor, a Russian style forest garden located in a small town called Chenggaozi. It did not feel like I was in China, the place itself was already beautiful along with woody park’s surroundings. I think the best way to describe this place is, it makes you feel like you are on site at one of the olden days movie set. The snowy rivers, white forest trees and fragile icicle branches inspired me to coordinate the blue against the pale gold as my outfit color palette. It’s like liquid snow slowly transforming into icy cold solids.

Styling Tips on the gold and blue: Blue tends to go with silver metallics because both colors are from the cool family color. But if you would like to try it with gold, I suggest a light gold instead of yellow gold. This will help balance out the contrast, making the 2 combination blend in gracefully.

harbin_village4harbin_village1harbin_village8 harbin_village2 harbin_village3 harbin_village5 harbin_village7

on him: jacket by Aigle | jeans by Chevignon | boots by UGG | backpack by Moncler

on her: sunglasses by Quay| metallic down jacket by Claudie Pierlot | gloves by Ted Baker| boots by UGG