sleep better beauty habits

As much as I want sleeping to be my best friend, sometimes we don’t really click with each other. I have always envied people who can fall right into deep sleep within minutes. In conclusion, let’s say some can relax in instant while others need an extra help to fall into their beauty sleep. After a few tests and experience of my own, I have come up with my own sleep better beauty habits. Let’s see if you have any of these habits too?


  • Wash your face with a lightweight make up melt to remove makeup and impurities. I cannot sleep with any make up on, even if its a little leftover eyeliner in the corner of my eyes.
  • Apply hand cream before bed to avoid dry hands or itchy spots in the middle of the night. It’s basically the only time your hands can rest after a day at work. Don’t wait till you are sleeping mid way to reach for the cream beside your bed.
  • Find an Aromatherapy scent that calms you down before bed. I came across Sabai-Arom during my trip to Phuket last year and it really helped me.


  • A cream like sleeping mask is like helping your skin wear lingerie to let skin have a confidence boost. Treat your skin once a week with a comforting sleeping mask that helps firms your skin.


  • Massaging your eyes before bed helps relax and enhance blood circulation to promote deeper sleep. Instead of using fingers, I use a magnetic wand to massage around the eye area which helps fully absorb eye cream around eyes.


  • Eat cherries!!! Cherries are one of the few fruits that contain melatonin, the chemical that helps control our body’s internal clock. Toss out those supplements and stick with natural food!
  • Also try drinking herbal tea ( 2 hours before bedtime) that promotes sleep, I am now trying TWG’s Midnight Hour Tea infusion of decaffeinated black tea with tropical fruits


  • Lastly, reading before bed distracts my mind from work. I tend to read biography, books before bed, learning from others motivates me. Currently, I am reading Brigitte Lin’s new book about her life journey and in now I am currently reading the chapter of “Paris, Cartier”. A good way to practice my Chinese~