monday with a crop top

Hello Mondays, I don’t like you much, but life goes on and I have learnt to just start it with an outfit post to boost up a little enthusiasm for the rest of the week. How does cropped top enhance your body figure? Because it helps lengthen your lower proportion to elongate the legs while looking sophisticated. Worrying about your love handles will burst out? Keep everything high waisted in dark colors, this will help slim down hip area.

Styling Tips: As for crop tops, it not only fixes your body proportion, but it also has the magical power to create an illusion of a fuller bust. Pick a style that has graphics to achieve it. I would suggest something light colors against bold patterns. Make sure the top fits well ! IMG_2027IMG_1930IMG_1907IMG_1961

bag and shoes by Christian Louboutin | sunglasses by Marc By Marc Jacobs | top by Tibi| skirt by asos |