how to style : blue pleated skirt

Blue is my new black, it’s a color that I feel confident wearing throughout the year. Blue is a color that is the least gender specific, meaning it looks great on both men and women. But, I remember when I was young, whenever someone asked me what was my favorite color, it would automatically be blue. While the majority of girls picked red, pink or purple, I stuck with blue all the way! There is a calm factor when I style with blue, it works well with tone on tone or a mix of color. This week ” HOW TO STYLE” I picked this pleated midi skirt to share with you all how it can be styled in 2 ways.The colors we choose to surround ourselves affects us more than we think. What is your favorite color to surround yourself?


Look 1: Color block with Yellow Florals

These 2 combinations welcomes the start of Spring, it gives an overall fresh vibe to yourself and surroundings. A nice way to look lean and tall without wear any dark colors.


Styling Tips

  • While your base (shirt and skirt ) is solid , you can an additional color of floral pattern for layering
  • For a lady like style, a long coat will do the trick
  • The long jacket creates a leaner figure against pleaded skirt
  • A hint of mint jewelry brings out the freshness to your overall look


Look 2: The new Dior Look

This look is inspired by ” the Dior look” back in the 50s. It’s proper suit like outfit with a bit of flare on the sleeves along with high waistline makes everything timeless elegant.

Styling Tips

  • Look for a short sleeve top that emphasizes the waistline
  • Keep in mind, your top length should land right below hip ( if your top is too long, I advise you to get it altered)
  • Match with simple metallic pointy pumps for a modern look
  • Don’t forget a pair of cat eye sunglasses to bring out the 50’s chic

howtostyle_blueskirt4 howtostyle_blueskirt6howtostyle_blueskirt1

Look 1 : shirt by uniqlo | necklace by Max&C0. | pleaded skirt by MAX&Co. | jacket by Marina Rinaldi

Look 2 : top byiBlues| pleated skirt by MAX&Co. | sunglasses by Christian Dior| heels by ZARA | photo by Janette Law