Home of Cartier, 13 Rue de la Parix.

Walking along the street with numerous boutiques in Paris, I came across a unique place where destinies meet on 13 Rue de la Parix.

There is always a particular purpose to purchase jewelry. If it’s for a special someone, a date to celebrate or simply just appreciating it’s craftsmanship. But do not be blinded by the brand’s surface, but explore its history from where it start to its iconic existents. In the home boutique of Cartier’s history was made, I was honored to enrich my knowledge of Cartier’s roots. As anything starts, there must be a significant attraction to draw such attention and desire. Its prestige all started in 1899, where royal warrants were granted to Cartier from the courts of Europe and then the world. The Cartier brothers, Alfred Cartier, Louis Cartier and Alfred Cartier traveled across the world to build its empire as jewelers. The Cartier brothers traveled in spirit of excellence to broaden their inspiration to the Persian Gulf, Hong Kong, India and other places. The Indians were enchanted by Cartier’s craftsmanship and entrusted them exquisite one of a kind gemstones. This is how they started with this close relationship with India. This solves my curiosity of the colorful ,bold contrast of gemstones in their designs. The magical creations does not float on surface by itself, it needs original spirit and renowned creativity to transform into timeless style.


The entrance to Home of Cartier, 13 Rue de la Parix.


Next time you open your red leather pill box, think of your unique jewelry as an art piece with the background history of Cartier.


The majestic stairs to Salon Jeanne Toussaint. cartiershop_8

The office where Cartier brothers had meetings.


Who was Jeanne Toussaint? She was the director of the Cartier High Jewelry department. This woman had it’s own vision , taste and character. It was she who brought the spirit of the Panther Style. She was great friends with Coco Chanel and other famous designers. You can say, she started to trend of Panther encapsulated the aspiration of a modern woman. A woman that was independent yet elegant.