Paris Nouvelle Vague

The city’s creative heart captures my love to be inspired by Paris surroundings. If you were to leave me in Paris with a sketchbook and a pencil, I would easily fill in the pages in no time. From the tiniest macaron to unapproachable sky high buildings, there is always an inspiration in this city. No matter when I visit this beautiful place, my mind and sight will be filled with unending ideas. Paris Nouvelle Vague’s new collection, embodies a Parisian woman spirited mind, playful confidence and most of all the freedom of thoughts into it’s designs. The French charm will always be with and on you, in multifarious details and vibrant colors.


An installation area to showcase the inspiring city from day to night in the Paris Nouvelle Vague collection. The linkage to architectural details transforms into fine art designs fascinates me. It’s that small dimension that makes every piece unique. The series of colors that pops within rose gold are my favorite combination from this collection. The contrasting lines of concave and convex highlights the forms in an elegant curve.

parisnouvelle_3parisnouvelle_2 parisnouvelle_4 parisnouvelle_5parisnouvelle_8 parisnouvelle_1parisnouvelle_10

Couldn’t help myself trying on these lovely jewelries before a nice glass of champagne to sum up the day. Cheers to this wonderful collection!