at Cartier workshop

Jewelry workshops always excite me to see how everything is done behind the closed doors. It’s not a place where anyone can go in, especially for luxury brands. This is why it was so special to be invited to witness the magical hands behind every piece of jewelry from Cartier. Right above 13 Rue da la Parix, is Cartier’s jewelry workshop. The process of designing, jewelry making, gem stone setting and jewelry setting takes exceptional skills. The rare and unique craftsmanship is the spirit of Cartier’s jewelers. Panthere de Cartier was one of the creations I wanted to explore in the workshop tour. The Panthere de Cartier draws my undivided attention to visionary communicate with its emerald green eyes and posh figure. You can see step by step how details every single millimeter is carefully crafted. Every step is well planned with heart and executed in professional skills.


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