dress head to toe in love

As Carrie Bradsaw said, ” we were dressed from head to toe in love.. The label that never goes out of style”. The style of love is hard to explain, but it enhances ones glow from within. Think of it this way! You are dressed to impress the one and only who cares , adores and just want to be with you. There isn’t a special formula and that’s the beauty of in love style. Do you dress to impress others or dress to love your other half? But if you give it another thought, when you are in love, all you care about it what “the one” thinks. I say the key to this is looking comfortable and natural just the way you are with a hint of personal character.

Styling Tips : Dress in whatever that makes you feel confident in front of your other half. It could be just a t-shirt with denim or a sexy backless dress. For me, I love a floral midi skirt to balance out a sweet and elegant character.
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Floral Tapestry Floral Dress by ASOS | Clutch by Victoria Beckham @ on pedder | heels by ZARA