timeless trench with red beanie

A trench coat styled with a fuzzy red beanie will never go wrong if you are travelling to Europe. I found myself completely drawn to Tallinn’s Old Town surroundings. The well preserved atmosphere of the medieval times isolated myself from being in the city world. In the Old Town, you are basically in the heart of colorful painted walls that were all slightly off color. This is how a trench coat and red beanie works in this kind of surrounding, it can gently blend in everything with a timeless chic element. The rock cement grounds lead me to a vintage style cafe right in between an alley, I was completely in love with it. It felt like I was on set shooting for a movie scene! I guess this is how I created my own cafe romantic at Old Town~

Styling Tips for trench coat and beanie combo: Noticed my trench coat is a bit different from regular ones? If has a special pleaded flare and a layering at the bottom. Pick a trench coat that still has a fashion detail in it, such as texture, color or cut. For the beanie, leave it to a simple color ( black, red, gray or navy). I personally think red is the best color for a cinematic approach.
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trench coat by Moncler ( buy it here) | boots by Stuart Weitzman