how to style: glitter during daytime

Whenever there is a party or an evening event, sequins and glitter tend to pop up on your mind for an eye catching outfit in the dark. Why not add a bit of sparkle during your daytime too? Some may fear it can be too flashy or hard to pull off a casual daytime glam, but if you are able to balance the colors, it can be a whole new style to your daytime looks. This week on #howtostyle, let’s add in a few styling tips to rock a sparkling afternoon.


Look 1 : 20’s nude

My first impression of this set of pleaded top and shorts was a hint of 20’s flapper with a 80’s color glitter texture. This outfit will work perfectly for a weekend brunch or day you just want to stand out from the crowd.


Styling Tips

  • Since this 2 piece set is rich in color and texture, I have toned it down with a nude tote and kitten heel to balance it out
  • You want to lighten up the look instead of making it darker, keep in mind it’s for daytime
  • To add in one more 20’s element, a boater hat will to the trick
  • A touch of red earring to complete the overall daytime glam


Look 2: Garden Refreshment

A dash of contrasting colors will give this glitter look a fresh new vibe. You can try tucking in your top and create a sporty romper look for a day outdoor adventure.


Styling Tips:

  • A pair of color sneakers adds a youthful touch to darker tones
  • Go for a playful bag and necklace for this, I suggest to stick with 2 colors to avoid over styling it
  • Simply tuck in the top and define waist with a lighter color belt ( this will work best on same print set)
  • I would keep the bag and shoes in similar color tones for a cohesive effect


Look 1: pleaded top and short by H&M | bag by H&M | shoes by ZARA | hat by leontinevintage

Look 2: shower bag by Kate Spade | necklace by H&M | sneaker by Taylor Swift for keds