Cartier Style in Family Perspective

You may have probably seen many books on Cartier’s history and jewelry perspective, but this time I explored Cartier from a personal family perspective. Francesca Brickell Cartier, granddaughter of Jean-Jacques Cartier shares the Cartier style in Family perspective. Family is family, you cannot change your DNA or blood that runs within you. Instead, you are able to grow from it and increase its existing value and character. It was a delight to look at Cartier through an in depth knowledge on how Cartier’s family embraced it’s DNA from a secret trunk that Francesca accidentally found on Jean-Jacques Cartier birthday. In the trunk, Francesca discovered the Cartier brother’s collection of letters, stamps and places of where they travelled. The Cartier brothers made a plan and made it happen.

But how did it happen? The sources of inspiration ” NEVER COPY, ALWAYS CREATE” In order to create , you must look into

1) Fashion – classic that includes quality and remains an object of beauty

2)Paris – proportion of buildings and artistic architecture

3) People – bring various talents together and interact with different fields of professional

4)Art and Culture – keep a library of your own for research and collection

5) Foregin Influence – Travel as much as you can see and observe, the mind and soul needs to travel

6) Nature – the elegances of nature is texture, colors and forms

From these qualities of understanding and observation, you are able to grow and grow Cartier’s DNA with creativity. Try applying these sources into your thoughts, I am sure it can expand your creativity and the way you look at things around you. Some of the unique pieces will be shown at Bonhams Hong Kong’s Fine Jewellery and Jadeite Auction Wednesday, 3rd June 2015.

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Special thanks to Bonhams for this inspiring and personal talk. ( photo credit to petriepr)