#howtostylewedding: the start

Many asked, what will my dream wedding dress be like or do I have a designer in mind? Usually I would give them a shy smile and say ” let’s wait when it happens”. Well, now it’s the time to let you all wait for my answer until my big day! But before that, I would love to share with you all ” the process” of creating your own wedding from scratch! As a stylist, it’s obvious I like to add in fashion elements into my wedding and that’s the fun part of it all. Do you still remember Carrie Bradshaw’s bridal fashion shoot moment with Vogue magazine? Let’s start off with this scene to make every bride to be excited for their wedding. Most of the wedding dresses are white, but how can we make it special and unique? Let us explore some of my personal styling tips for #howtostylewedding

好多時,朋友問我的dream wedding的婚紗是什麼類型或者希望是哪一位設計師的作品,
我的反應總是害羞地回答:「結婚時再打算啦! 」好啦!今次我再沒有藉口回避這個答案了,
所以我決定分享我的dream wedding 給你們。我經常會接觸不同時裝品牌最新的潮流資訊,所以我每次想起我的 wedding 都一定會加入時裝和潮流的元素。
而當中最令我深刻的婚禮情景就是色慾都市中(sex and the city ) Carrie Bradshaw 與 vogue 拍的時裝婚紗攝影。每次我看到這個情節,
容我以型像設計師的角度分享我對婚紗和晚裝的配襯 tips! 還有婚禮不同的有趣styling tips!

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