Celebration of Tommy Hilfiger 30th Anniversary in Beijing

From New York to Beijing, Tommy Hilfiger continues to celebrate the 30th anniversary in his taste of American Cool Style with a preppy twist! My experience of the Hilfiger Collection in Beijing was pretty awesome. It all started with my first ever American Football tickets in my hotel room the night I arrived in Beijing. Unlike other fashion shows, Tommy Hilfiger exclusively recreates his Fall 2015 Hilfiger Collection international setting at 789 Art Zone. Like entering to any sports stadium, I was drawn by the inside crowd waiting for the show to begin. But before all that happened, I recorded my exclusive visit to the backstage to see Mr. Tommy Hilfiger.

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Backstage wardrobe : Tiny American Football pins and accessories ready for models to change into their next looks. Ankle belts that are inspired by football with various colors contrasting.
A group photo before the models are ready for their first runway look.
I am still very obsessed with these lace up boots from the runway, they are the must have for FW15!
China’s supermodel, Shui Pei Qin, at backstage interviewed by StyleTV. The gold long scarf is a styling method I will keep in mind for my upcoming shoots!

It was a pleasure to meet Tommy Hilfiger and got a chance to do a quick interview with him right before the show.

Vnikali: What was your biggest fear during your youth years?

TH: I didn’t have enough money to do what I needed or wanted to do. I was always looking for money and it was a really tough time.

Vnikali: From your experience in ups and downs, how would you advise youth nowadays to overcome certain fears?

TH: I think you have to have a dream of what you really want to do, then really “do” it instead of just thinking about it. As for me, I knew I needed money to start of my brand and I had the ambitions to make it come true. Even when people put me down or never believed in me, I just kept going and going. In this industry you just need to mind more about yourself instead what people think about you.

Vnikali: I know that your next goal or dream is to create your very own hotel in the future. If so, can you describe how the lobby will be like?

TH: In my hotel, I want my clients to walk in and be breathless with all the white flowers. There can be white orchids, hydrangeas , roses , peonies .. so on..

Vnikali: What is your expectation in the new Flagship Store ( Tommy Hilfiger Beijing In88) in Beijing?

TH: I expect to do a lot of business in Beijing because our price point and positioning is perfect for the people here.


Getting ready before the show to start! Here is my favorite look from the runway, I loved how Tommy Hilfiger mixed in an elegant blouse with a white turtleneck. The over all color tones still echoed American Football spirit with a feminine touch against a sporty detailing. Also the handbags are something to watch out this winter! Check the whole collection out here. After the show, they turn the setting within 10 mintues to the after party vibe.


Till next time Beijing!