#howtostylewedding : choose your wedding color palette

Your mind must be filled with bits and pieces of wedding ideas before planning your wedding. Before all the ideas burst out in one from your mind, let’s first begin with ” Wedding Color Palette”. By having this Wedding Color Palette you are able to reference back what you want your wedding to be instead of going off track in the middle of planning. Where to find these color inspiration? Look at interior designs, fashion, food, flowers or anything that you are interested in.

我相信各位新娘們結婚前腦袋一定充滿不同的結婚場地ideas! 大家不妨可以試吓挑選自己和伴侶的心中婚禮顏色主題,
然後再想婚禮的佈置細節! 因為有了顏色主題就有一個比較清晰的方向去表達你們的婚禮故事。


5 Tips you should consider when building your Wedding Color Palette

1. Determine Mood– the emotion you want from these colors ( happy, relax, dreamy, classy, bold.. so on)

2. Location and Setting of Venue – the colors should match the setting ( blue with ocean/ floral brights with outdoor/ glamours with ballrooms)

3. Choose a Primary color – decided on the “one” color you love ,then work around the combination ( research color harmony )

4. Discuss it with your other half – It’s a wedding of 2 and both of you should have input on it ( you can start with colors you DON’T like if you are very lost)

5. Keep it to 5 colors or below – to avoid confusion and over the top

Here are some very good reference I found at The Perfect Palette ( click to see all the color palettes)


1. 想想你們的顏色可以表達婚禮什麼感覺 :例如 ( 鮮色調代表開心、和諧色調代表休閑、粉色調代表夢幻 )

2. 要考慮婚禮場地的環境 – 例如:海邊的婚禮可以用藍色、郊外的婚禮可以用繽紛顏色、


4. 記得要同你的伴侶討論什麼顏色最適合你們的婚禮故事,

5. 規限五種或以下顏色做主題: 如果太多顏色就沒有清晰的顏色主題

這個網址有很多顏色主題的靈感大家不妨看看 The Perfect Palette ( click to see all the color palettes)

moodboard_3 moodboard_2

photos from : The Perfect Palette