Just start! #couplestyle

Yesterday on instagram I posted a photo ” just start” to encourage my readers and anyone who wants to start on whatever they have in mind. I have been wanting to create mini photo shoots with my love and this was the first one we did while we were in Finland. Compared to ” our love story” shoot, this was all about being side by side with each other not matter what happens. Tomorrow will be July 1st, that means we are already half way of 2015! Have you looked back at your 2015 New Years’s resolution? Was there anything you wanted to start, but always had an excuse in your mind to hold back your action? Let these photos inspire you to reach forward to places you cannot imagine. As I already too, started some of my plans for the coming months.

I have never imagined myself taking these wonderful photos at one of my dream places , Kakslauttanen Artic Resort. Minus the freezing cold weather, everything was what I pictured.

LV_wedding lv_wedding1 lv_wedding2lv_wedding3lv_wedding4 lv_wedding_1

Special Thanks to Hugo Boss,UGG and Canon for making our shoot possible.