how to style : Hermès scarfs with LBD

If you haven’t noticed on my instagram, I have been styling myself with lots of scarfs lately. Don’t assume scarfs are only for cold weather, it can work perfectly with a summer little black dress too! In order to combine scarf with a little black dress, you need to know how to create looks that are not clumsy yet well put together. It’s all about the “knot” and “fold” which help enhance the little black dress with scarfs. Here are 3 looks I have created with the same little black dress with 3 different techniques on tying scarfs.


Look 1: Rectangular skirt wrap

Instead of tying the scarf in a triangle shape, I folded it in a rectangular shape with a knot on the side to create a slit opening. In this way, it will seem like you are layering an additional skirt with the little black dress.


Look 2: Halter one piece

If you are looking for a way to extend your little black dress to a halter top dress, look for scarfs with a black border on the side. This will help blend in the two pieces together with an interesting s halter neckline. Make sure the length of the top hits right above waistline crop top illusion.


Look 3: Simple on the shoulder

When there are times you just don’t feel like showing off your shoulders, a great way is to cover it with a colorful scarf. It can be an alternative of a cardigan over the shoulders. The key point is to make your knot right in the center with a bit of length.


Scarfs by Hermès | photography by L. Cheung