runway to my way: stripes against polkadots

Previously on my runway to my way, I styled polka dots in a sophisticated sexy approach. The ruffle flamingo skirt matched with a lace corset fitted top brought out a passionate fling. This time, I have been using the same element “polka dots” and paired it up with a sequin striped top for a cooler look. This looks from Michael Kors Pre Fall Collection, I am always a fan of his midi couture like a skirt. You will notice the fabrics of this skirt has a free sheer movement to it. The monotone makes a nice bold contrast without look overly busy. Another alternative is to simply throw on a look tank top to go with the sheer polka dot skirt. I love how it can look effortless chic with a bit of a couture element in it. The 2 mini factor, lace pointy heels with a mini bow tie and Micro mini lady Dior adds details delicately.

Styling tips: Keep everything in monochrome for the body and add colors in accessories. You want to avoid more than 2 colors if you are playing around with 2 classic prints together ( stripe and polkadots). Remember to pull up sleeves of you decided to wear a long sleeve, this will lighten the upper body. A bit of light color is a must, this will be a nice way to blend it with black and white. You want to avoid look like you just got out of jail or an uniform.

IMG_1295.JPG IMG_1293-0.jpg IMG_1294-0.jpgmichaelkors_1