my 9 am with Tods Wave Bag

My 9 am is filled with planning, prepping and putting myself together for an amazing day ahead. I tend to carry everything I need in one handbag for a clean chic look throughout my day. But there are times when anxiety pays a visit and that’s when I get a bit nervous and clumsy.In that means, focusing too hard on work and forgetting the time or scrabbling things in my handbag thinking I lost something. Yes, that happens to fashion stylist too! People build their confidents through experience, the way they present themselves and always by dressing too. Like Tim Gunn always says in project runway, ” just work it” and show the best to the world. What is a better way to share with you all this method through my character, lifestyle and fashion? Here is a video I work with Tods to show you all the true side of vnikali. I carry my Tod’s Wave Bag in posed and confident style, even you will not notice my nervous and clumsy side until you see my video below. Enjoy! tods_wavebag3tods_wavebag2 tods_wavebag4