OMEGA European Masters : Crans Montana ( part 3), just enjoy

Crans Montana, a place where you can just enjoy and appreicate what life is meant to be. With all respect, I believe that everyone has their own standard of lifestyle. Some may seek for a luxury glam style while others may just enjoy an afternoon with mother nature. I was lucky to have a great balance in between the two styles during my stay with OMEGA in Crans Montana. White fluffy majestic cloud travelling across the blue sky, like entering in a live scenery painting. The graceful movements of cloud creates various radiants against sunlight, leaving you nothing but positive vibes. omega_cm1We began our day with a tour along the valley to St-Leonard lake for a private boat tour. We all sat side by side inside the dark lake with dim candle lights. At first I was a bit scared, after a few tastes of wine I was less nervous and started to enjoy the surroundings. The sound echoed against the cave as we slowly paddled to the end of the lake. After a calm morning, we headed off to the OMEGA European Master to see professional golfer competing each other. unnamed-4unnamed-3Omega_CM10unnamed-2Omega_CM12unnamed-1

It was my very first time to follow professional golfer’s in a tournament. The audience closely watched how each player concentrated on each hit against the club. While there are still a list of golf terms I need to learn, I managed to observe and learn how each player concentrated on each hole. The distance, power of swing and direction all applies to how to we work in daily life. There is no specific equation, but every player has its own vision to reach the ultimate goal. In comparison to life, how we hit the golf ball to reach into the hole is our own calculation. There are people who will be watching you in every step you make, do you choose to be affected by them or choose to focus on yourself to let them see the ultimate result? omega_CM6 Omega_CM7 Omega_CM8 omega_CM9 omega_CM5 omega_CM4 omega_CM3 omega_CM2