The Architecture of the Face

In my discovery of how to create a natural face contour, the most important factor is to know how to decrease and increase light absorb on your face. Once you have understood this concept, then the magic of the contour will have a great effect on you. This will help your complex appear more three dimensional in person or on camera.

tomford4 tomford2

Use of DARK: to add depth to your bone structure and hide out any light that you don’t want on your complex

Use of LIGHT: to brighten or highlight area you want attention and draw attention to these features to create a “pop” of light for extra dimension


Tom Ford’s vision in architure for designs also applies to beauty on the face. This concept, drew my attention to explore Tom Ford’s beauty products.  Sunny, makeup artist at Tom Ford beauty, personally explained and designed a chart that would define my facial structure. Which means to make cheekbones appear in proportion by contouring with dark and light by use Shade & Illuminate. For a shimmery finishing highlight, the Skin Illuminating Powder Duo gives a nice glow without looking oily.


I changed my daily makeup routine with minimal foundation, eyeliner and eyeshadow to natural contouring, light eyebrows and a little wing eyeliner on the side of my eyes.