The Red Dual – R.N.A Power

Red always excites me to move forward and motivates me to take action. My motivation to take good care of my skin is not only for myself, but to share my experience to motivate others to do the same. The art of sharing my skin routine is not only the products, it’s about feeling good from mind to skin.  Especially after my visit at Tokyo for SK-II’s exhibition, where they showcased beautiful skin from inside out at every age. The linkage to your skin comes from your confidence which shows from your posture, the way you dress and how you interact with one another. If you feel good in this way then you are off to a #changedestiny start.. and I can’t wait to share with you all what made my destiny change to become the person I am now


The dual R.N.A Power  helps banish two of my main concerns such as large pores and dull skin. It’s light weight cream texture gives a boost of firmness to my skin without feeling too greasy yet with a glow everyday.

skii1 skii3 skii4 skii7