Jet set to Beijing to celebrate Michael Kor’s first visit to Beijing flagship store and exhibition of Young China . The brand’s lifestyle has always been some kind of motivation for me to go with my kind of aesthetics. I love how Michael balances out every style, ” modern but glam” , “sport but sexy” , tailored but easy. As for me, I always describe my style as elegant but “_____”. The fill in the space can be anything you wish to experiment or what inspires you. My morning started off with a warm welcome along with Michael Kors’s favourite white flowers.

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The luxury space and sophisticated flagship store in Beijing reminded me of the New York flagship store. As Michael Kors walked down the staircase to join us for a glass of champagne to kick off the celebration of a wonderful journey in Beijing.

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When something happens without any expectation, that’s the best feeling you can ever get. I had this #dreamcometrue moment with Michael Kors during the event. It all happened organiclly when Michael Kors walked towards my direction and welcomed me personally to the shop opening. He was sincere,  down to earth , friendly and his energy really inspired me. While my heart was filled with excitement and pounding like there was no tomorrow. I mean this is how a girl should feel when they meet one of their fav designers, but don’t worry I kept it cool and elegant without embarrassing myself!!   I would of never expected this to happen without any arrangement of greet and meet the designer. This is when you really feel you have a great connection with the brand and the designer. When things attract organically without trying too hard, thank you Michael Kors for this amazing moment in my life!

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Continued my night at Pace Beijing 798, where the Young Ching exhibition took place. The exhibition showcased photographs by fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirs, of 6 special young women on the rise. As you walk inside the exhibition, you will see artistic digital space feature Marco Maccapani’s pop up book context with  glamours destination inspired by Michael Kors.

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Enjoyed the party with guest along with DJ  twins Arthur and Thomas Bray music.