#couplestyle: show appreication

If you truly appreciate,  don’t say it but show it. Another factor we include in our #couplestyle is to show appreciation to each other. We enjoy travelling to places, it enriches our life journey by creating moments that will not forget. Also through travelling, we can learn how to face and solve problems together. During this photoshoot at Hokkaido, we experienced a little problem that we couldn’t control. That little problem was a sudden rainstorm we had not expected after travelling for 3 hours to this beautiful Shikisai Hill at Biei . (The weather was perfectly fine that morning and we have checked the weather report beforehand). My fiancé did a lot of research for this location, it would be a waste to just give up easily. Instead of making a huge fuss or arguing about the weather, we decided to give ourselves a timeframe (1hr max) to wait out the rain. In that 1 hour timeframe, we brainstormed on which angle would work the best. In that 1 hour, we showed appreciation by making it work.  With our positive attitude eventually we had a quick 20 min of blue sky to make the shoot happen. ps. everything was done by 2 of us, we didn’t have a photographer with us. Hope you guys like this shoot and styling!

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full wardrobe on him : by agnes b |on her: shirt and shirt by agnes b | hat by kate spade